Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin

Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin

Coconut water brings to mind beautiful, sun kissed beaches, lush green coconut trees and refreshment.

After a frustrating long day at household chores and running errands on the hot, dusty road, isn’t it blissful to take refreshing sips of tender coconut water? It is perhaps the second best way (after water) to quench your thirst leaving the sodas, carb loaded energy drinks and calorie laden soft drinks aside.

Apart from being fat-free and having a flavour made in heaven, coconut water does wonders for your body, skin and hair! Coconut water has innumerable health benefits and gives you glowing skin, soft, lustrous hair and a clear digestive system.


For instant glow: This refreshing, cool drink can bring a surprisingly beautiful and instant glow on your face. Wash your face with coconut water on a daily basis to get smooth, flawless and glowing skin.

Coconut Water for Skin

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Cooling face pack: Make a face pack of turmeric, coconut water and red sandalwood paste (chandan) to help you achieve a smooth, flawless and gorgeous complexion.

Natural moisturizer: The lightness of coconut water makes it a quality natural moisturizer. For people with oily skin, it brings down the grease factor and is highly beneficial.

Beat dehydration: If you are feeling sapped out and dehydrated, then it is sure to show affect on your skin leaving it lifeless and damaged. Coconut water nourishes and hydrates the skin with its natural properties and leaves a glossy, lovely sheen on your face.

Improves blood circulation: The lack of proper oxygen circulation in the body leads to impurities getting deposited on the skin. Coconut water is effective in conducting proper blood circulation in the body and letting the skin breathe oxygen which leads to healthy complexion.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water

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Escape aging: Do you want to escape the adverse affects of aging? Biggest reasons behind the skin aging process are pollution, usage of chemical filled cosmetics and improper diet which play havoc on your beauty and youthful skin. Coconut water has cytokinins that fights aging and makes you look young, fresh, healthy and glowing.

Healing infection: During the monsoon and summer season, the skin is affected with infection which can be combated with the healing effect of coconut water. It has several anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which fights against skin infections. Either directly apply it on the skin or mix it in the bathing water and drive away the infections!

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Bye Bye Suntan: Make a cooling pack of multani mitti and coconut water which is effective in removing sun tan and dark patches. It gives the skin radiant, glowing and fresh. Do this daily to get best results.

Coconut Water Benefits

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Removing acne: Wash your face with cool, comforting coconut water to remove acne, spots, blemishes and wrinkles. For acne which refuses to get cured, use a combination of  turmeric paste and coconut water which should be first left overnight. Then add 3 teaspoons of red sandalwood powder and mix it well. Keep this mixture undisturbed for a period of 3 days. Later, strain this mixture and apply it on the face to get amazing results.