Vitamin D+

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Not a regular vitamin d supplement. Our vegetarian friendly capsules offer Vitamin D3 at the highest recommended dose. Our formula includes other botanicals and extracts added to offer extra protection against flu's colds and viruses.

  • Supports the normal functioning of the immune system
  • Helps to maintain strong bones, teeth and muscle function
  • Yestimun® extract lowers the impact and duration of flus and virus
  • Made with the highest quality ingredients. No fillers or synthetics

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Vitamin D+ 3000 IU
A Scientific Approach To Optimal Immunity

We’ve provided the highest dose of vitamin D3 possible to positively impact immune function. What’s more, we’ve added scientifically proven Yestimun® - a highly researched yeast derived beta glucan fibre that targets the gut for improved immune system performance! Better still, we’ve rounded this formula with a unique blend of mushroom and ginger botanicals combined with minerals zinc and selenium for the best defence possible.

"I purchased these full strength pills to take during the coming months throughout winter since I fall into the highly vulnerable category being 62. Thought I would order these as there was a lot of coverage on the news about the benefit of taking this vitamin supplement. So far, so good, not colds, flu or the dreaded Covid"
- Pat B.


5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

6 Core Benefits Of our
Vitamin D+

Why Is Vitamin D+ 3000 IU The Best Vitamin D Supplement In The UK?

Reason 1 :
Vegan Vitamin D3 At Maximum Dose of 3,000 IU

Achieving optimal vitamin D status has many health benefits so it’s important to select the right dose: immunity, muscle function, sports performance as well as cardiovascular and cognitive health. Most cheaper vitamin D supplements are derived from sheep’s wool, but our premium grade is derived from algae and is suitable for vegans.

Reason 2 :
Scientifically Proven Ingredients Backed by Evidence

Vitamin D+ 3000 IU contains Yestimun®: a very clever, yeast derived beta glucan scientifically proven to boost immunity by putting immune cells on alert, ready to combat pathogens.

Reason 3 :
The Complete Immune Formula

Vitamin D+ 3000 IU is the complete package. In addition to vitamin D and Yestimun®, this formula contains select immune boosting minerals that we tend to under achieve in our daily diet: zinc and selenium. Better still, we’ve added premium ginger and mushroom extracts well noted for their immune supporting activity.

  • All Optimal Ingredients
    All of our supplements are made with super absorbable ingredients. We'd never use anything else.

  • Quality And Safety
    All of our supplements are made by world leading nutritionists for the best health and beauty imaginable.

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5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

Vitamin D3 3000IU
Immune support from every angle

Maximum dosing and premium ingredients, you can rest assured you're in the best hands possible with Vitamin D+ 3000IU

  • Vitamin D3 3000 IU

    Maximum strength all-year round

  • Yestimun® beta glucan 250mg

    Primes the immune system, backed by science

  • Mushroom Complex 100mg

    Fungi have special immune properties

  • Ginger Root 500mg

    Traditional immune support

  • Selenium 15µg

    Supports antioxidant defences

  • Zinc 20mg

    Supports production of cellular enzymes

When Can
You Expect Results

1 Month
Daily Use

Early metabolic changes: phytonutrients from mushroom and ginger extract help reduce inflammation, whilst zinc and selenium help support endogenous antioxidant production.

  • Improved antioxidant activity
  • Zinc and selenium support cellular enzymes
  • Vitamin D status takes time to replenish if low

2 Month
Daily Use

Improved immunity: beta glucan exposure triggers a gut response increasing white blood cell activity: scavenger, B and T cells. Vitamin D status takes months to build if deficient.

  • Immune activity becomes elevated
  • Vitamin D levels rise
  • Antioxidants combat free radicals

3 Month
Daily Use

Heightened immunity: Vitamin D status should be strong, something that can take months rather than weeks to address if deficient. Beta glucan exposure heightens immune function in support of fewer and less severe cold symptoms.

  • Vitamin D status should be markedly improved
  • Beta glucans now priming the immune response
  • Formula working in harmony for optimal results

That’s why our leading supplements are the
smart choice for men and women.

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5 Stars (1000+reviews)

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5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

"This product has worked wonders for me, I've noticed a big difference in my complexion. People at work have started noticing, so it must be working. I'm now on my 4th box!"
Candice Curtis - 42

"I'd been complaining about fine lines around my forehead, eyes and mouth. I'm so happy with Glow Powder, It's been absolutely perfect for me! All I can say is try it for yourself and see!
Sarah- 53

"I've had such good results in just 14 days! My skin has certainly improved and I feel like my nails are stronger as well. Ladies, give it a go!"
- Lucy W - 39

"About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with really bad cystic acne. Glow Powder really is unlike any collagen product I've taken before. It's the perfect supplement for everyone."
Dominique - 27

Customer Reviews

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Nonny Wilkinson
5 out 5

It is very good product !!! Many thanks !!
N Wilkinson…

Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson

Having recovered from Covid-19 and whilst isolating I was researching vitamins, Rock and Roses vitamin D had good reviews and ratings. I now take them daily, 2 weeks in I don’t know if they have helped or not, I am fit and healthy again so they possibly have, they have not caused me any issues.

Catherine Woods

Vitamin D+


Vitamin D+

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