Biotin 10,000μg Delayed Release

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Ultra strength biotin for the most perfect hair and skin imaginable. This formula has been optimised with a delayed release component, drip feeding biotin to cells over a prolonged period.

  • Promotes growth of newer strands of hair
  • Strengthens existing hair follicles
  • Nurtures growth of stronger and tougher nails
  • Repairs damaged skin

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Why our Biotin over all the hundreds of other Brands?

Our game changing capsules use SepimartTM, a highly specialised, scientifically proven gelling blend which allows for the delayed release of Biotin into the bloodstream. People ask why we need this? We believe that by drip feeding Biotin over a longer period of time, less is wasted and more is absorbed into the bloodstream thereby maximizing health and beauty over time. Efficient absorption profile differs from traditional high dose Biotin supplements which may struggle for absorption and excrete excess quantities.

"I've had such good results in just 14 days! My skin has certainly
improved and my nails and hair feel stronger as well."
- Lucy W.


5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

6 Core Benefits Of Our

Why Is Biotin 10,000μg
The Best Biotin Supplement In The UK?

Reason 1 :
We Use Clinically Proven Ingredients Backed By Evidence

Biotin 10,000μg Delayed Release capsules contain Sepismart™ SR: a very clever, all-natural blend of acaia and xanthan gums which have been scientifically proven to create a gelling mechanism upon digestion. This means the capsule contents absorb more efficiently over a longer period of time.

Reason 2 :
We Use Biotin At The Maximum Dose of 10,000μg

In the event of biotin deficiency, it is important to ensure you are taking an optimal level of biotin to achieve the results you seek without it being too high. 10,000μg Biotin daily has been found to be safe and effective for great looking hair and skin.

Reason 3 :
Our Delayed Release Biotin Absorbs More Efficiently

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin, and that means that intakes surplus to requirements are typically lost through urination. Biotin 10,000μg Delayed Release capsules are a game changer. For the first time, a high strength biotin is slow released to provide extended nourishment for a heathier you.

  • All Optimal Ingredients
    All of our supplements are made with super absorbable ingredients. We'd never use anything else.

  • Quality And Safety
    All of our supplements are made by world leading nutritionists for the best health and beauty imaginable.

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5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

Our Potent Ingredient for Hair, Skin and Nails

Stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of follicle growth by 17%. It also helps the formation of fatty acids that nourish the skin. Biotin has also been proven to improve growth and shine of hair.

  • Biotin 10,000μg

    We include the highest dose of 10,000μg of Biotin to give your hair, skin and nails an almighty punch

What Happens to us When We Take Biotin Over 3 Months?

1 Month
Daily Use

Early metabolic changes: Biotin levels start to rise positively affecting biochemical reactions within cells. Initially energy levels become more noticeable and nerve cell function is better supported.

  • Biotin starts to correct deficiency
  • Supports biochemical reactions
  • Energy levels start to improve

2 Month
Daily Use

Structural improvements in hair and skin: Biotin is now working to support hair growth and better skin. Biotin starts to support psychological function by boosting neurotransmitter production and nerve signals, helping you stay balanced.

  • Early stages of healthier hair and skin
  • Healthy metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates
  • Biotin supports neurotransmitter production for mental wellness

3 Month
Daily Use

Noticeable improvements in hair and skin: Hair should look better than ever, with increased growth and shiny stronger hair to be proud of. Biotin is an essential vitamin for hair growth and consistent daily use for three months ensures your hair is in the best condition possible. Skin should look healthier too with less blemishes and redness for a complexion you can be proud of.

  • Hair looks noticeably more vibrant and healthier
  • Skin looks clearer with healthier complexion
  • Energy levels are now much improved

That’s why our leading supplements are the
smart choice for men and women.

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5 Stars (1000+reviews)

Don’T Take Our Word For It...

We Are Strongly Convinced That Customers Support & Appreciation Are The Best Rewards

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5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

"I Love this brand of Biotin and within a month I can already feel a difference with the quality of my hair" Lauren Porrter - 33

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Amazing, beyond expectations

Have been taking this supplement for a few months now and can’t praise it highly enough. As a very long time nail biter, when I finally stopped my nails were split and weak and Paper thin. The splits, which had been there for 20 years or so have now grown out and my nails are so much stronger and look so much better that I am not embarrassed by them any more. My hair is thicker and grows very quickly. Amazing stuff.

This Really Is A Game Changer........

This is a truly genius tablet. I’ve taken biotin tablets from another well known brand but nothing like these. My hair, skin & nails have all shown marvellous results but the biggest game changer are my eyebrows. I woke up one morning to see that I had lost some hairs on both brows, making them look so sparse. Not anymore, they are now growing back. Amazing. This is surely a repeat purchase for me. Thank you 🙏 ☯️


I just cannot believe the difference this has made to my hair. My hair has thinned so much over time due to medical conditions and is noticeably thicker after one month of taking this. My thinning hair was zapping my confidence and I was beginning to consider a wig! Very highly recommend this product.

Ira Mcclain
good job Rocks and Roses

I love all products from this brand! The biotin is great. I’ve just switched brands and I feel like my hair has been shinier than before. I’ll continue with this product.

Zakk Mair
Helpful product

Definitely helped with reducing my hair loss. Overall feels like it’s in much better condition. Thank you Rocks & Roses.

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