Biotin 10,000μg Delayed Release
Ultra strength biotin 10,000ug promotes healthy hair growth, stronger nails and radiant skin. This formula has been optimised with a delayed release component, drip feeding biotin to cells over a prolonged period.


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3 MONTH'S FULL SUPPLY - Our incredible biotin capsules give incredible value keeping you replenished with Biotin for a FULL 3 MONTHS.

DELAYED RELEASE B7 - Our capsules come with a sepismart slow release component which drip feeds the biotin into your system slowly leading to less vitamin wastage.

TOTAL PEACE OF MIND WITH OUR 100% UK PRODUCED PRODUCT - Many Biotin products have been imported from other countries, from Asia to the UK. Ours are made right here in the UK so you are safeguarded by the highest standards in the world. It is free from artificial colours and flavours and is suitable for vegetarians. Best Before Current Batch : Jan 2025.

How To Use

ONE PER DAY - One easy to swallow tablet a day taken with water early morning to give you all the benefits of our maximum strength Biotin supplement. The capsules are small enough for anyone to swallow with the minimum of fuss.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Full Ingredient List :SEPISMART™ SR (Gelling Agents [Xanthan Gum, Arabic Gum]), Capsule Shell (HPMC), Biotin, Anti Caking Agents, (Brown Rice flour (Gluten Free), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide)


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The Rock & Roses Promise
Optimal Bioavailability
All Clinically Proven
All Natural Ingredients
Quality & Safety
Money Back Guarantee
Made In The UK
Why Is Biotin 10,000μgThe Best Biotin Supplement In The UK?
Delayed Release Formula
Biotin is drip fed into the system over a period of time to ensure maximum absorption.
High Potency
We provide Biotin at 10,000ug which is the strongest available on the market
Capsules over Tablets
Our capsules are medium sized and easy to swallow and are absorbed much better than tablets
See How We Compare With Others
Biotin 10,000μg Delayed Release
  • Biotin at the Maximum Dose of 10,000ug
  • Safe Clear Shell Capsules
  • Filled with Rice Flour
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Powdered Capsules with 85% Absorption
Other Biotin Supplements
  • Lower Doses at 5000ug and 2000ug
  • Titanium Dioxide Capsules
  • Filled with Maltodextin
  • No Returns, No Money Back
  • Tablets 40% Absorbtion

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
A skeptic no longer!!!

A family member had began taking Biotin from elsewhere and told me of the health benefits. Was intrigued, especially after losing hair from being anaemic and nails being thin and brittle, so found these online.
Was VERY skeptical but thought would give them a bash, couldn’t make things any worse…
WELL…after a couple of weeks, I really did think I was imagining things. My nails were a lot smoother and appeared thicker and whiter.
I persevered and another couple weeks later my nails are ‘hard as nails’!!! Amazing! I haven’t broken one since the Biotin started taking effect!
Now we are approx 7-8 weeks in I have soooo many baby hairs coming in, and like my initial reaction to my nails, I thought I was imaging things but my skin has become so soft and smooth! I’m 47 and have had comments saying I look 10 years younger!
I honestly don’t think I’ll stop taking these now!
If you are unsure, I totally recommend just trying one bottle…once you see the difference in your nails you’ll be hooked!
*pics are my real nails with one coat white polish

Krystal Moon
perfect one

I've been taking it for a few weeks now, and I can see a difference. My nails grow and it's just beautiful and stronger now. Glad I found this product.

This Really Is A Game Changer........

This is a truly genius tablet. I’ve taken biotin tablets from another well known brand but nothing like these. My hair, skin & nails have all shown marvellous results but the biggest game changer are my eyebrows. I woke up one morning to see that I had lost some hairs on both brows, making them look so sparse. Not anymore, they are now growing back. Amazing. This is surely a repeat purchase for me. Thank you 🙏 ☯️

Vicki Prior

I just cannot believe the difference this has made to my hair. My hair has thinned so much over time due to medical conditions and is noticeably thicker after one month of taking this. My thinning hair was zapping my confidence and I was beginning to consider a wig! Very highly recommend this product.

Vanessa Lewer

Very strong tablets, took 7 days worth & experienced very bad upset stomach & had a horrid taste left in my mouth.
GP advised stop immediately.
Contacted customer service to return, as such a waste no return as opened of which I understand however a total waste of the tablets & money

Don’t Take Our Word For It
34 • 5 Star Reviews
"Love this brand of Biotin. Have been using on and off for 6 months now and Hair and Nails are showing strong improvements."
Lucy L - 31 - Putney
Verified Buyer
"Fantastic product. looking in the mirror after 6 months supply and realised that my hair is much thicker again!"
Simone P - 28 - Manchester
Verified Buyer
"I experienced significant hair growth since taking these powdered capsules. A+ Product!"
Steph M - 28 - London
Verified Buyer
"I started taking this one a day tablet and within 2 weeks I started to see fine hairs sprouting on my eyebrows - they are very faint but they are growing . I haven’t had hair grow there for years . I also have faint eye lashes and they have also started to look thicker."
Elise K - 34 - Chelmsford
Verified Buyer
"Great product. Hair Skin and Nails look and feel fantastic. A 6 month supply did the trick!"
Sharman - 33 - Cockfosters
Verified Buyer
6 Science Backed Health Benefits of Biotin 10,000ug
Boosts Energy and Vitality
Assists Mental Wellbeing
Promotes Healthy and Glowing Skin
Supports Healthy Metabolism
Supports Great Looking Hair
Aids Healthy Nervous System
Benefits of Our Natural Ingredients
Pure Biotin 10,000μg
  • Promotes growth of newer strands of hair
  • Strengthens existing hair follicles
  • Nurtures growth of stronger and tougher nails
  • Repairs damaged skin

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release?

Everyday! We recommend taking one capsule of Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release daily with a meal and a glass of water.

What does Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release taste like?

With our capsules there is no nasty aftertaste to worry about! They have a neutral taste and are best taken around a mealtime with a glass of water.

Is Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release suitable for different diets and eating regimes?

Yes. Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This product is void of fat and protein but consists of a small amount of carbohydrate (maltodextrin <350mg per capsule).

Can I take Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release if I have allergies?

Yes. Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release is free from allergens.

Is Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release ethically sourced?

All ingredients are vegan suitable; therefore, no harm has come to animals. Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release contains the best ingredients, designed to be super bioavailable providing you with the best of health possible!

How long does it take to see results?

As with any product, the results can vary but customers can expect to see results in as little as 3 to 4 weeks especially if you have a biotin deficiency.

Can I take Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release with other supplements & medications?

We would recommend speaking to your doctor, while we do not know of any issues, we would always recommend checking first.

Are there any side effects from taking Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release?

Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release contains a blend of the most absorbable ingredients, efficiently released over time! There are no side effects.

Can I take Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release if I am diabetic?

Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release contains a small amount of carbohydrate (maltodextrin <350mg per capsule). This is a very small amount, but we want to be transparent.

Is Biotin 10,000 µg Delayed Release gluten free?

Yes, it is!

Can I take Biotin if I am under 18?

It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 as children usually have a healthy supply of Biotin in their bodies. However Biotin cannot harm a child as it is a water soluble vitamin so extra amounts of the Vitamin leave through the urine. It is recommended that it’s a good idea to discuss biotin with your childs doctor beforehand in case there are any drug interactions that you may not be aware of. However, if your child is generally healthy and your biggest concern is about their picky eating, then supplementing biotin is likely safe for them, though you should always consult a doctor before regularly giving your child new vitamins and supplements.


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