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    Glow Powder Marine Collagen Drink
    Utilising Peptan F2000™ Collagen in 3 flavours, this formula is clinically proven to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity
    Choose Flavour: Lemon and Mint

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    Glow Powder
    A Hydrolysed Daily Beauty Supplement

    Here are some of the thoughts of customers who tried our product.

    "I've had such good results in just 14 days! My skin has certainly
    improved and my nails and hair feel stronger as well."
    - Lucy W.


    5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

    6 Core Benefits of Glow Powder

    • Supports Healthy And Joint Bones

      Studies have demonstrated the superior benefits of collagen supplements for helping ensure strong connective tissue and bones, healthy joints, lean muscle

    • Promotes Healthy and Glowing Skin

      Human studies have shown that marine collagen as a supplement decreases wrinkles, improves skin firmness, and increases skin hydration.

    • Promote Healthy Hair & Nails

      The silica in Glow Powder bonds with many minerals in the body, so it can replenish them by carrying mineral nutrients to the peripheral areas of your body, exactly, your hair, skin & nails.

    • Improved Hydration

      Coconut water restores hydration and replenishes the natural electrolytes lost during exercise. It may be the perfect beverage for the task.

    • Fights Acne And Scarring

      Since silica enhances collagen production, it’s an excellent supplement in combating mild to moderate acne.

    • Vitamin C For Immunity

      Coconut water restores hydration and replenishes the natural electrolytes lost during exercise. It may be the perfect beverage for the task.

    Why Is Glow Powder
    The Best Collagen Supplement In The UK?

    Reason 1 :
    We Use Clinically Proven Ingredients Backed By Evidence

    Glow Powder is formulated with trademarked collagen peptides which have undergone rigorous testing and independent studies revealed that oral supplementation with collagen peptides significantly contributes to improving the overall appearance of skin and hair in an ethnically diverse population.

    Reason 2 :
    Highly Bioavailable For Fast Transportation Into Body

    Bioavailability refers to how a ingredient is transported and absorbed into the bloodstream. Some ingredients on the market are less bioavailable than others. Glow Powder uses hydrolysed marine collagen peptides which are so small they are absorbed faster and more efficiently into the bloodstream ensuring they get to work immediately with very litte wastage. Almost 95% of collagen ingested via a powder is absorbed into the body

    Reason 3 :
    12X More Powerful Than Any Tablet

    Each sachet of Glow Powder contains 6000mg of Type 1 marine collagen which is 12 times more collagen than you would recieve from a tablet. This means you will see results much quicker and faster with our formula than any tablet.

    • All Natural Ingredients
      All of our supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients. We'd never use anything else.

    • Quality And Safety
      All of our supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients. We'd never use anything else.

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    5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

    The Uniquely Beneficial
    Combination Of Natural Ingredients

    Glow Powder is an all round beauty supplement which not only encompasses the benefits of marine collagen but also 17 other heavy hitting vitamins

    • Marine Collagen 6g

      Reduces Fine Lines and Sagging Skin

    • Silica (Extracted From
      Bamboo), 100mg

      Regeneration Of Your Skins Connective Tissue

    • Watermelon Juice

      Promotes hair growth and hydrates hair folicles.

    • Coconut Water
      Powder, 100 Mg

      Improves Hydration + Electrolytes After Exercise

    • Hydrolysed Hyaluronic
      Acid, 100 Mg

      Anti-Wrinkle And
      Anti-Aging Benefits

    • Acerola
      Cherry, 30 Mg

      High In Vitamin C

    What You Can Expect from Glow Powder over 3 Months

    1 Month
    Daily Use

    Early metabolic changes: right from the outset - silica aids in the transport of minerals to the skin, whilst vitamin C acts as an antioxidant preventing further damage. Collagen peptides start to build up in the dermal layer, reducing fragmentation and rebuilding the framework for great looking, younger skin.

    • Silica aids transport of minerals in the body
    • Micronutrients contribute to healthy hair, skin and nails
    • Vitamin C prevents further oxidative damage
    • Collagen framework starting to improve in the dermal layer

    2 Month
    Daily Use

    Notable visual changes: skin moisture levels start to improve as hyaluronic acid and coconut water hydrate for a smoother feel. Wrinkles around face start to visibly decline and skin starts to regain lost elastic properties. The skin becomes a more efficient barrier too resulting in better complexion.

    • Hyaluronic acid levels starting to rise: improving skin hydration, moisture and smoothness
    • Coconut water and watermelon juice support the hydration process
    • Wrinkles visibly start to decline

    3 Month
    Daily Use

    Clinical improvements: after 90 days, a clinically significant 13% reduction in wrinkles around can be seen around the eyes and 10% around the mouth. Hair is clinically stronger too as collagen increases the break force of hair by 13% making it healthier and stronger

    • Significant improvements now seen at clinical level
    • 13% reduction in wrinkles around eyes
    • 10% reduction in wrinkles around the mouth
    • Hair strength improves by 13%

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    5 Stars (5000+reviews)

    How It Works
    How To Use Rock & Roses
    Glow Powder

    • Add a Scoop to Water

      Add 1 scoop of Glow Powder to approximately 300ml of cold water

    • Use a Shaker to Mix

      Use a shaker to ensure the formula is thoroughly dissolved.

    • Repeat

      For best results, drink Glow Powder as part of your daily beauty routine.

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    5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

    Don’T Take Our Word For It...

    We Are Strongly Convinced That Clients' Support & Appreciation Are The Best Rewards

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    5 Stars (1000+ reviews)

    "This product has worked wonders for me, I've noticed a big difference in my complexion. People at work have started noticing, so it must be working. I'm now on my 4th pouch!" Natalie West - 37

    "I'd been complaining about fine lines around my forehead, eyes and mouth. I'm so happy with Glow Powder, It's been absolutely perfect for me! All I can say is try it for yourself and see!
    Deborah Bridger - 53

    "I've had such good results in just 14 days! My skin has certainly improved and I feel like my nails are stronger as well. Ladies, give it a go!"
    - Lucy W - 39

    "About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with really bad cystic acne. Glow Powder really is unlike any collagen product I've taken before. It's the perfect supplement for everyone."
    Jodie - 27

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 129 reviews
    The only thing you need

    Glow Powder is the best discovery I have made. Hair, nails and skin have had a great improvement. Thus is the only supplement I use, just include Collagen and Estrogen rich foods in my diet. At 64. Long may it last 🙏

    Ms J A Ulliott
    Tastes nice and seems to work

    It’s always difficult to gauge the effect of supplements because there are so many different factors at play. However, as someone who has had weak, bitten nails for 60 years I can say I now have long and strong nails for the first time. My skin and hair also look good (for my age of course!). I am also taking Biotin, and that could be helping but it wasn’t until I combined with Collagen that I got the best outcome. I’d say it takes a few weeks to see a difference.

    Does Exactly What It Says……..

    I’ve been taking collagen for a very longtime & all collagens are not equal. I’m new to this brand & I must say, I just love this collagen. After taking it, first thing in the mornings, I’m finding the hydration on my skin lasts all day. Goes hand in hand when using my premium skincare. I love the taste of pink coconut cos some collagens are just intolerable to take. I highly recommend cos I’m nearly 71 & would hate to be without this help. ☯️

    Claire Courtney
    Even my hubby noticed change

    My hubby asked if I’d had Botox lol he said my skin looks younger and youthful. And as for my nails omg. 🥰🥰

    Justine Newton
    Glow Powder

    It's early days only 3 weeks in taking the Lemon & Mint but so far so good, easily dissolves just pop in some ice :)
    I feel it's just starting to hydrate my skin, one of the main reasons I chose Rock & Roses for it including hyaluronic acid. I'm getting less migraines so electrolytes are helping too. It's a small business with discounts which I love so I'm going to continue trying other flavours on my way and everything crossed for this collagen product to help me to glow and stay feeling youthful at 50!

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